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Joel Baker Has a ‘Story’ to Tell

Nottingham born and raised singer songwriter and producer Joel Baker just dropped a certified JAM as the first single from his forthcoming mixtape, “Bag of Dreams.”

The single, “Story,” featuring Abra Cadabra, comes along with a dope visual treatment thanks to renowned photographer Vicky Grout making her directorial debut.

As my first time directing, it was an amazing experience working with two incredible, very different artists.” says Vicky. “The video depicts a ‘day in the life’ of each of them, in their own, personal way. It was so sick to see both their personalities come out.” 

The track itself is a down tempo, but upbeat tune, featuring swanky guitar riffs a fat bass and popping percussive elements.  Co-produced by Joel and Courage (Ray BLK), the self-penned ‘Story’ was premiered by MistaJam on Radio 1xtra.

Joel brings an incredible energy – from his lyrics to the delivery, I’m hanging on to every word.  An urban vibe remains while he sings along with the cadence of a veteran rapper.  When Abra Cadabra drops in, he adds a whole new dynamic to the the track with his laid back flows and deep tone.  He brings the grime – making the track much harder than it would have been without him.

Speaking about ‘Story’, Joel says, This song is inspired by many, many conversations I’ve had with the guys over the years about the complications of casual relationships. It’s not this care free lifestyle people portray. It’s actually a headache. I learnt the hard way, there’s always strings attached. Me and Abs had a chat about the subject too and I think he puts it better than me actually. ‘Make sure the girl you pick’s just right’. I couldn’t agree more.

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