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John Samuel’s “Weakness”: self reflection for the modern pop star

John Samuel’s latest release, “Weakness”, is a playful yet poignant look into the darkest inhibitions of the modern popstar, or more so the aspiring popstar. This stripped-down Pop track consists of rapid one-liners, some self-deprecating, some anxious, and all remarkably honest and introspective. “Weakness” was written and produced by Samuel and plays on certain themes that he has established in his past works, notably his recent single “Popstar”. Regardless of how your are oriented in life, the lyrical content of “Weakness” will surprise you with strikingly relevant observations; comments about the escapist tendencies of modern life, bound by technology and image, the fear of being forgettable, and that one person who can cause you to just shut down in their presence… At the core of “Weakness” exists the fact that we all live our lives with the same pressures, fundamentally striving towards (and running away from) the same things. This is because of how we as a society define success and utility.

Although his song structuring and lyricism are clear stand-outs, John Samuel’s production cannot be overlooked. In fact, Samuel’s production takes “Weakness” to a whole new level. The bouncing drum loops and low-down string sections create an atmosphere of gratifying distress, a comment and metaphor that calls back to Samuel’s lyrical content: That appearance reigns dominant over substance and ingenuity. Not to say that John Samuel’s production is lack luster, rather that he is successful in doing considerably little. Furthermore, this is a track you can listen to dozens of times and still miss bits, intricate details and meanings lay hidden for one to uncover. “Weakness” is certainly a song of self reflection and discovery.

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