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John Tsenoli Drops Stellar New Tune ‘Long Road’

John Tsenoli is an up-and-coming Johannesburg based singer-songwriter from Lesotho, South Africa.  This month, the 21-year-old released a music video for his new single, “Long Road”.

There is a hope in Me And together we have the key I’ll hold you up and you hold me and through the darkness, we all will see

On “Long Road,” Tsenoli aims to inspire his audience through positive messages of hope and unification. Tsenoli expresses that each person is the key to building a better future and encourages us all to chase our dreams, be brave and never look back. “Long Road” comes in perfect timing where the world needs some uplifting energy. Apparently, the idea of the “Long Road” is the journey of life, its ups and downs. However, Tsenoli wants his listeners to know that even through the darkest times, we will still have each other.

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