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Johnny Guazz and nic violets REALLY DRIVE THEIR SOUND WITH new Alt/Indie jam- HAZEL

“a record curated by an alcoholic from Los Angeles and a corny salesman from Boston”.- says the duo, of their latest single, Hazel. Their words, not mine, I swear! The single, Hazel, is Alt/Indie at it’s finest. Reminiscent of a MGK/Yungblood jam, the melody and rhythm really push the envelope while smooth, well produced, and frankly, cool-as-hell vocals wrap the package up in a bow. This is the song you get pulled over on the highway for speeding to, while the windows are down, the radio is cranked, and you’re screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs. “Sorry officer, I just stopped giving a f*ck for a minute there” kind of music, you know? of course, you know… you’re listening to it, right now!

Johnny Guazz and nic violets, really deliver a radio-quality song with excellence and effort clearly evident in their writing, composition, and production. There is a little something in this song for everyone to enjoy. It’s only a matter of time until Elvis Duran is spinning this one on Z100 and Alt Nation is playing them as one of nine songs in rotation on Sirius/XM.

Listen to more music from Johnny Guazz and nic violets, here:

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