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JoJo Hailey’s Daughter Sakoya Wynter Embraces Her Highest Frequency In New Single “Self Love”

Next to release under the Hailey family label ‘JT Entertainment’ is the gracefully talented Sakoya Wynter. She describes her elegant & self-reflective single “Self Love” as a track inspired by heartbreak while learning to love yourself without limits. Sakoya’s new single is proof that self love can take you to your highest frequencies and in return, it attracts all of the things you want in life. In the official music video, her confidence is contagious as we watch her emotional journey from heartbreak to happiness. The track produces a relatable narrative as so many have dealt with the uphill battle that is self love. The video’s cool color palette fits perfectly with her ‘Wynter’- like aesthetic and smooth R&B tones. Taking notes from JoJo Hailey’s book, Sakoya’s heart sits front and center as she shares her story with transparency and grace. “Self Love” delivers a fresh take on contemporary R&B; her soulful spirit is undoubtedly seen as we watch her grapple with the pure need to love herself in order for her life to move forward.

“I’ve always been a good writer and one day I decided to record music and I knew instantly that this was for me” says Sakoya. It’s clear that the spotlight comes naturally as she shows zero fear of letting her heart on the line in order to form a true connection with her fans and listeners. She goes on to say “I love that I’m able to express myself in a way that can resonate with others. On this music journey of mine, I want to be heard. Not just by anyone but heard by those who can relate and realize that they aren’t alone going through the ups and downs in relationships or life in general. All of my music is written by me based on my real life experiences. Experience is honestly the best teacher. I’ve learned so much from life and I’m still learning… so far I’ve learned to love myself which is essential.”

Sakoya’s single comes soon after the release of JoJo Hailey’s daughter Kayla Tiffany’s “Therapy”, in a beloved continuation of family music. The legendary JoJo Hailey and his team plan to put family first with consistent music throughout 2020. While the talented apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Sakoya’s style is still uniquely hers as you see her embrace her  individuality and distinctive sound. We can see from Sakoya’s natural talents that having had the unique experience of witnessing the production of some of the best R&B music from such a young age has had its impact. Listeners will fall in love from the start, hoping to continue to watch her grow and celebrate the beauty that is self love.

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