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Jon Vinyl Drops Latest Bop ‘Adore’

Toronto based crooner Jon Vinyl is no stranger to RockDafuqOut.  Having landed a number of singles on site in the past, he is back once again with a new bop titled, “Adore”.

Bringing a level of sophistication to everything he touches, Jon Vinyl finds the perfect balance between smooth af R&B melodies, commercially appealing arrangements and quality songwriting.  While a lot of his times tend to lean a bit down-tempo, his new single is a bouncy, fun and catchy jam that sees him delivering an upbeat performance on top of a funky beat.  

With his saucy vocals sitting front and center, layers of guitar, keys and bass set the mood.  Leaning on elements that made R&B first make major waves, Jon Vinyl is bringing a new wave feel to the genre in a way that only he can.  If he is not yet on your radar – make sure you start keeping tabs now. 

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