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Jonathan Roy is Feeling More Alive than Ever On His New Release [VIDEO]

Hailing from Quebec, Jonathan Roy has lead a somewhat unconventional life.  The son of NHL great Patrick Roy, Jonathan has spent years developing his sound and nurturing his love for music, but when things at home began to feel stagnant, he bought a van, moved to California and found a new spark.  

Leaving Quebec for the sunny shores of Malibu, Jonathan Roy was able to find new inspiration working with Brian Howes (Mother Mother / Boys Like Girls) and Jay Van Poederooyen (Faber Drive / Airbourne), who have helped to craft a new batch of stand out tunes that are now ready for the world.  About the process Jonathan says, “It took me leaving my comfort zone, buying (and living) in a van to find myself again” he laughs. “My songs reflect that – and reflect that recharge that I needed. Not only in my artistic life, but in my personal life as well.

His new single “Keeping Me Alive” was the first song he wrote when he got to Cali, and is a true testament to the passion and talent that he harbors in his soul.  With a contemporary base of keys, drums and bass, the new tune feeds more off of emotion and theory than fancy production techniques and clout.  The incredibly dynamic tune allows Jonathan’s raw vocals and deep rooted lyrics to connect deeply with new and old fans alike.  More than anything, this tune helps to reassure Jonathan Roy that he is in the right path, saying, “I would say that this entire experience has cemented my faith in music. The healing power of it, and the need for me to do this my entire life. There is nothing else I want, or would be able to do now.” 

Having already tested the waters and built a devoted fanbase with his unquestionable musicianship and showmanship, Jonathan Roy is now ready to share what he has been working on with the world – and this first offering is a gem.  With its uplifting, inspirational vibe, there is no doubt that this one is a mood booster.  Do you need a bit of oomph to help you get through your day?  Look no further.  Give this one a spin. 

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