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Josh Fudge Brings Us Summertime Vibes with Single- ‘Strawberry Fanta’

Oklahoma City based Josh Fudge releases his third single ‘Strawberry Fanta‘ and this summer time jam offers listeners an escape from their living rooms and couches (during this quarantine), out to an island with white sand beaches. The summery/Islandy vibe transports listeners to a summer spent at the beach sitting and picnicking with a love interest while listening to a slow, smooth, R&B jam by an artist by the likes of Barry White (with a little less vocal bass). ‘Strawberry Fanta’ was completely written and played by the seventeen year old FUDGE, clearly a talented musician. The swingy POP jam was locally produced, blending sweet vocals and lyrics with an upbeat melody. “Strawberry Fanta will be my third single that I release, and I am excited to share it with everyone! It details the ongoing evolution of a relationship between two people, growing and changing throughout the summertime“.- says the young artist. So, grab a girl, throw the blanket on the hood of your car, and watch the planes land while listening to this feel good Jam!

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