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Joshua McCooey Drops Debut Single "Spark My Heart"

Emerging artist Joshua McCooey prepares to captivate listeners with an emotionally charged single, "Spark My Heart." Drawing inspiration from the relatable feeling of falling in love, “Spark My Heart” promises to leave a lasting impression on the Pop/Rock music scene. As the clock struck midnight after an unforgettable night at his school’s homecoming, Joshua found himself flooded with a whirlwind of emotions. Igniting the creative spark within him, he began to pen down lyrics that delve deep into the journey of learning to love again.

The single encapsulates the feeling of emptiness and longing, transforming into a sensation akin to a defibrillator jolt - an intense and exhilarating experience. Joshua, drawing from his own experiences, explores the butterflies in his stomach and the sleepless nights spent thinking about that special someone. Collaborating with producer AJ Hicks, “Spark My Heart” instrumentation is inspired by the slow, rhythmic melodies of prom songs that you’d hear at any high school dance. Blending his unique styles into a timeless format, the influence of Pop/Rock legends like Train and the lyrical prowess of Ed Sheeran remain evident throughout the track.

About Joshua: Joshua McCooey's musical journey is deeply rooted in his family's passion for the arts. His father, a source of unwavering encouragement, inspired Joshua to pursue his musical interests. Beginning his artistic journey at a young age, he dabbled in musical theater, and his brother's vocal talents and sister's dance performances have provided a rich artistic backdrop to his upbringing. One of Joshua's biggest accomplishments has been making his parents proud through his musical pursuits. Originally hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, his unique blend of Pop/Rock promises to make him a standout artist in the music industry. Now a 17 year old student of the world famous Joffrey Ballet School, Joshua applies a versatile set of strength and talent to a well-rounded artistic career.

Follow Joshua on Instagram here.

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