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Jovan Landry Demonstrates Musical Versatility In New EP “World Vibe”

Coined ‘the next best artist to come out of Chicago’, Jovan Landry presents us with yet another versatile project in her new EP: “World Vibe”. The five track EP combines sounds from all over the world to celebrate both the differences and similarities among genres & cultures. Having recently spent time in Nigeria, Haiti and Cuba, Jovan was inspired by the ways in which music brings us closer together during a time when we feel more divided then ever before. “World Vibe” fuses elements of Dancehall, House, Afro Caribbean, and Afrobeat to deliver endlessly danceable beats from beginning to end. The EP keeps you moving and instrumentally, remains diverse. The lead track “Ubique” make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean, enjoying the beauty of the beach on a hot summer night. “Warehouse” has that Chicago late-night underground progressive house vibe with energetic synths and rhythms throughout.

“Electrohouse” starts off with a futuristic vibe – I imagine this easily synced to your favorite sci-fi fantasy movie. In a continuation of house music, this track’s staggered arrangements keep you on your toes from beginning to end. “Noirstalgic” takes a different turn with Afrobeat-inspired rhythms and optimistic tones to combine dancehall with international instruments & moods. The project ends with perhaps my favorite track “Soulstice Siesta”, but there’s nothing sleepy about this track. Its high energy production creates a larger than life-like feel to conclude this EP as an invitation for people to come together to celebrate their cultures, their heritage and their musical inspirations. Jovan understands the power that music has to bring people together. It’s an internationally spoken language and without it, our world would be worse off. “World Vibe” pays respect to all of the places Jovan had the chance to visit before the pandemic hit, opening our eyes to new sounds, new cultures and feel good vibes for all.

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