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Jroll Drops Devastating Trap Bomb ‘We Know It Up’

AUS coming in hot once again, this time with a new single from up and coming producer Jroll.

The young gun brings a no frills approach to his new tune, “We Know It Up”, instead relying on devastating drums, bending synth lines, some well timed vocal chops and a banging mix to deliver a hard-hitting festival Trap bomb.

While this may not be the right track to drop at your next dinner party, it is perfect for setting off car alarms while you cruise down the block, pumping you up during your next workout or blowing out eardrums at your next main stage set.

Quality production, a dynamic arrangement and a clean master are that are needed here.  From the screeching synths to the percolating percussion to the detuned leads – everything here has a place and the all work together perfectly,

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