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Jules Paymer Keeps the Momentum with "Mommy Issues"

Jules Paymer, a dynamic LGBTQ+ advocate and a prominent figure in the pop/rock music scene, continues to captivate audiences and garner recognition from esteemed industry authorities. Her talent has garnered attention from notable sources such as Billboard, Ones to Watch, and she has even received exposure from Paramore's lead singer, Hayley Williams. With an impressive monthly listenership of nearly 50,000, Jules has unquestionably cultivated a devoted fan base. This devotion has become even more evident with the launch of her EP titled "Girls Will Be Boys" and her single "Mommy Issues." Featuring an authentic pop-punk chorus, resonating guitar work, and an infectious hook, Jules's music offers a compelling blend that is poised to resonate with a wide-ranging audience.

Over the past few years, Jules Paymer has directed her efforts towards songwriting and forging meaningful connections while navigating the complexities of the music industry. Unperturbed by any comments unrelated to her music, she remains steadfast in her dedication to her craft. As fervent supporters, we find ourselves eagerly anticipating the release of new music from Jules Paymer, keeping us at the edge of our seats with anticipation.

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