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Julia Gartha Drops Vibey "Let Me Love You"

Created during the pandemic over zoom and Produced by Ariza (Dua Lipa, Barlow & Bear), Julian Gartha's "Let Me Love You" is vibey from beginning to end. Having already been used in over 14k IG reels, "Let Me Love You" is a song perfectly suited for romantic comedy cinema. The lighthearted yet meaningful track is a breath of fresh air as we are introduced to Julia's soothing vocals and melodic guitar strums, perfect for an afternoon walk on the beach or an evening trip to the coffee shop. And the Canadian singer-writer is certainly making her mark. As a 22 year old Berklee grad, she broke into the music industry as both a music director and vocal soloist for Oscar and Grammy-winning composer A.R.Rahman. Having also performed for major names like Andrew Lloyd Weber and Sylvia Rhone, there's no doubting that the young artist has the support of the industry behind her. And "Let Me Love You" offers an unforgettable vibe perfect for your next walk in the park or picnic playlist.

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