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KAI STRAW Reminds Us, Their IS Still Good In the World w/ New BANGER- MY SOUL IS LEMONADE

YES! With his new path in Life, KAI STRAW is carrying some much needed positive vibes, to all of us. In the midst of Covid-19, protests, riots, civil unrest, and general idiocy, this man refuses to be kept down. STRAW has taken the task of reminding the world that it isn’t all bad, heaved it onto his shoulders, and let it drip from his soul! No stranger to hard work, the Fairfield, CA native worked hard for what he’s got. Coming up washing windows to make money and eventually finding a day job as a night club operator, like many of us, KAI STRAW lost his job due to the pandemic. Previously, he was grinding out his music career in the wee hours between waking up and schlepping to work. Even so, and without the help of a label, he has created quite the career, musically. He has managed to accrue millions of streams across all services, gone #2 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart, gone #1 on Hype Machine twice, won The International Songwriting Competition for Best Unsigned, was selected by Taco Bell for their Feed the Beat lineup, and his accomplishments don’t even end there. During this, he was able to bring us hits like MY SOUL IS LEMONADE!

With a unique vocal style, and a POP/INDIE ROCK music sound, KAI STRAW is having no trouble putting some HAPPY VIBES back into the world with this jam. Simply put, this song makes you want to dance and with the way things are going these days, a little more dancing together might be just what we need! Regardless of views, background, or fears, we can all relate with the fresh feeling of a new start toward a BRIGHT future. MY SOUL IS LEMONADE can lead us there, in PIED PIPER fashion. Let’s let it!

“One can only imagine what the future holds for him considering all of his time will now be spent making music. I know how grateful he is for every person who discovers his music, because I know where he comes from, and where we both came from.”, says brother and roommate Travis, of KAI.

Like so many people, I’ve lost my job to COVID. There’ve been riots and protests. My goal in writing this was to remind people that life can be good. I wanted to make people smile. I wanted to capture some sunshine. I wanted to let some light in.“- KAI STRAW. Thank you, sir. Let the light in, you have!

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