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Kaitlyn Dorff Is Honest And Vulnerable On “Parties”

There’s always an underlying lonesome feeling at any party you attend. Young Tennessee artist Kaitlyn Dorff channels these dark, yet honest, thoughts into her debut tune “Parties.”

The tune has a lullaby nature to it. Mixed with Kaitlyn’s sweet vocals and the slow, melancholy piano, it opens up the song’s smooth, yet sad interior. The lyrics are laced with hard hitters, like “taking shots on meds despite the warning” and “maybe I’m a masochist that gets off on the emptiness.” Each one seems well-thought out and perfectly crafted, as if they were coming straight from a diary or the corners of our deepest, darkest thoughts.

“Parties” was written by young NYC songwriter Matteo Scher, whom Kaitlyn met while she was interning at BMI. They immediately became great friends and after he pitched her “Parties,” they started writing together. The song is produced by Kaitlyn’s father Steve Dorff and they worked on it together in their home studio in Franklin, Tennessee.

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