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Kane Miller Shines on ‘All We Need’ [VIDEO]

Based in Ontario, Kane Miller has been studying and playing music since the age of 7.  Drawing on influences like Damien Rice, Iron & Wine and Josh Ritter, Kane puts a heavy influence on musicality whole penning lyrics that hope to connect with the listener on a deeper level.  Blending sensitive vocals with rich melodies and classical training, Kane Miller is a true craftsman of song.

In 2011 Kane released his debut album, followed by an EP in 2012 and has been hard at work ever since.  His most recent release, “All We Need”, is a subtle, heart wrenching Indie Folk tune that sees Kane reflecting on past love.  About the release he says, “I wrote All We Need at the tail end of a relationship, and the song echoes what I was going through at that time. It starts off a bit hopeful with the chorus, “All we are is all we need” and by the end really turns that phrase into a question; Do I want more out of this [relationship] than what we already have? Or, if this is all we need, where are you when things aren’t going well?

The new release relies on chill guitar riffs, sparse vocals layers and minimal embellishments to help drive the tune home.  With the focus centered on the vocals, Kane Miller finds a way to cut deep and leave a lasting impression on the listener.  Full of emotion and sans bells and whistles, this is simply a well written and beautifully performed tune.

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