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Kapuzen Hits with Soulful New Club Bomb "No Good For Me"

While RockDafuqOut was initially started as a Dance/House/EDM blog (that’s all I listened to at the time), it has since become increasingly open format, and personally it has become harder and harder to impress me with dance music. While there are still plenty of bangers coming out, the overall saturation and seemingly cookie cutter productions have kind of turned me off, leading to it being incredibly hard to really grab my attention.

Over the last year or so however, Kapuzen has been drilling my inbox with top-notch tunes that combine the perfect amount of originality, groove and technicality which has landed him firmly towards the top of my list of artists to watch in the House Music scene. Recently, he has unveiled, “No Good For Me,” and it has everything I love.

Clean, dynamic production, soulful vocals and an undeniable energy all come together to create an absolute dance floor filler that any club DJ should have on hand. Avoiding being too innovative, this one doesn’t attempt to be groundbreaking, but what it does display is a fine-tuned execution of all of the elements that have made house music so popular. Familiar yet brand new, Kapuzen has once again proved that he can rock with the best of them.

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