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Kat Kennedy Sorts Through Her Emotions With Heart-Breaking Ballad “Unpacking”

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

No break up is easy. The stages of grief that follow require time and attention that cause a lot of pain, but ultimately leads to healing. Kat Kennedy perfectly surmises the emotional baggage that comes with breaking up with a partner you lived with on her exquisite tune “Unpacking.”

Emotionally charged and incredibly relatable, “Unpacking” follows the chain of events one must go through after a break up, like changing the name on the bills and buying new furniture. The tune is soft and sympathetic, which echos a sense of maturity you don’t often see in break up songs. Kennedy has an incredible sense of storytelling and draws you in with such vivid and understanding lyrics. It’s hard to pick a favorite line, but you can’t deny that this tune is an amazing example of her timeless and heartfelt songwriting.

Pop singer/songwriter Kat Kennedy has toured extensively from Alaska to Brazil, sharing her compelling blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. After graduating Berklee College of music her collaborations with other artists and producers piqued the interest of fans and labels alike. Her 2016 TrapNation release with producer Channels titled “Flare” amassed over 6,000,000 plays across streaming platforms. Kat most recently released her single “Goodbye” in April 2021, the first of a series of emotional, story-telling pop songs.

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