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KAYLS Reflects on Old Relationships in "On the Rocks"

LA-based singer-songwriter KAYLS is reconnecting with her roots as she graces the world with brand new music. Breaking through the pop standard with a resurgence of personal musical integrity, KAYLS reminds us that serenity can not be purchased down the road, but must be built within our own personal four walls. Her new single "On The Rocks" has been coined a "celebratory break up song" where she recounts her intuitive thoughts as she reflects on a past relationship. Full of surprises, the song kicks off with punctuated bass and simple percussion. KAYLS' unique vocal style is at the wheel, taking the track from lo-fi indie to squalling-guitar driven alt-pop. The build-ups and come-downs are a journey- the same as a love that's on the rocks.

In more or less words, the relationship in question feels like "you're sitting at the wrong table with a cork floating in your dinner and no champagne." It's like if you put on a blindfold and spin around and around and take it off and try to run you’re going to fall down. This song feels like a pact with myself to never override my intuition or allow myself to attach to the wrong person again.

About KAYLS: Along this journey, KAYLS found inspiration not just in the studio but also behind her sewing machine. As she developed her sense of self lyrically, she also found success in luxury. Following a childhood of sewing her own costumes and closet, plus a fashion design degree from FIDM, she launched LÉONIE, a sought after line of translucent silk bérets featuring embroidered deadstock fabric from designers such as Oscar De La Renta. KAYLS’ creativity has allowed her to uninhibitedly define herself, both musically and visually. Or as her brand’s mission statement reads, “let the light in."

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