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Kellen Brings Sad Pop Vibes on Debut ‘Manic Panic’ [VIDEO]

Raised in rural Northern California, new artist Kellen moved to LA in 2016 to chase his dreams and find a new spark.  Prior to the move Kellen had dealt with some substantial hardships – leaving home at just 15, he went through high school while struggling with homelessness, addiction and all while trying to solidify his own identity as a trans man.  Through it all, music was the ray of light and the saving grace for the talented ‘sad pop’ artist.  

Penning raw, authentic and melancholic tunes, Kellen has found a whole new life in LA and is now ready to share what he has been working on with the world.  Today, he dropped his debut single, “Manic Panic”, along with a slightly psychotic and totally captivating official music video.  Over a haunting production laced with glitchy vocals, rolling 808’s and ambient synthetic textures, Kellen delivers a stellar performance that is equal parts angst and acceptance.

About the new single Kellen says, “I love making Pop music, but I still haven’t recovered from my “emo phase”. That is very apparent in both this song and its video. It’s a musical portrayal of mania, sadness, and lust.”  While Kellen has been performing and recording for some time, “Manic Panic”, serves as his first official release and without a doubt sets the tone for what’s to come.  I’ll be patiently waiting to hear what’s next – but until then I will have this one in heavy rotation. 

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