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Kemetstry – No Respect No Manners [VIDEO]

With his distinct and unmistakable Yorkshire accent, Kemetstry (formerly known as Spida Lee) is taking the next step in his long running journey with the release of bold new single ‘No Respect No Manners’.

An artist who has paved a successful career in maintaining his originality and individualism, the Huddersfield emcee’s latest release has that underground and gritty boom-bap sound. The single also coincides with the launch of his clothing label giving away merchandize via radio and social media to help promote the single.

Paying homage to that unmistakeable sounds of the 90s, it also shows off his distinctive accent and flow structure, with lines such as “I don’t follow these mans on road / it’s ya local council that own ya post code, so why would I rep’ something that I don’t own”.

Check out the brand new video here!

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