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Ken the Messenger Releases Highly Anticipated “Say Less”

Quick off the heels of his vulnerable new album “Ghetto Gospel”, inspirational Hip Hop artist Ken the Messenger draws parallels to social media culture in his new hit “Say Less”. Masterfully shot in a Chicago-based photography studio, the music video shows Ken being interrogated by detectives. Wanting to get something out of Ken, the detectives get frustrated when he throws us for a loop and instead, decides not to speak. Metaphorically, the video drives home the power of “less is more” when it comes to what you choose or choose not to say on social media. The message brilliantly aligns with the assumption that as an artist, you’re not actually doing anything unless you’re talking about it. Social media pressures play such a massive role in an artist’s decision-making but Ken knows the power of keeping things closer to the vest.

Ken’s stellar performance is brilliantly captured on camera as he raps over hard-hitting instrumentals. Understanding the power of the silent hustle, he lyrically claims that he avoids talking to stay out of the mess. Mess only leads to stress and it’s Ken’s priority to maintain a firm balance in his life. Having had a unique life experience of being raised in the church, while navigating the turbulent streets of Englewood, Chicago, Ken offers an incredibly unique perspective to the game. And with impressive projects like “Ghetto Gospel” and now “Say Less”, Ken lets the music speak for itself.

Having been raised by his mom in Englewood while also being the grandson of a Bishop, Ken grew up with one foot in the rough streets of Chicago, and the other foot in the church.- this set of experiences offered him a well rounded lens through which he uses to inspire and uplift others. Today he strives to bridge the gap by allowing faith and love to meet people where they are, with music that could be played in the club, yet moving enough to be played on Sunday morning for all ages. God is present in every aspect of life, and Ken chooses to speak on it through music that you could also “turn up” to, without being boxed into any genre.

ABOUT KEN THE MESSENGER: Ken has performed over 75 shows (Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Indiana) and has opened for Tasha Page-Lockhart, The Walls GroupAnthony Brown and Group TherAPy, and Nia Allen. Ken was also nominated for a Chicago Music Award in 2021 for Best New Entertainer, and was formerly on the Chicago-based management team of Grammy Award-winner, Jonathan McReynolds. You can find high praises about Ken’s work in Broadway World, The Urban Twist, The Hype Magazine and many more.

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