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Kev Kelly Releases Energetic New Single, "Faster"

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

"I hate when couples call each other their “partner in crime”. My guy, you and Trent are going to chipotle, you’re not committing federal offenses. So what if you actually committed a crime? What if you and your “PIC” robbed a goddamn bank together. Bet you’d turn on one another real quick huh? Money feels better when you don’t have to share it. F*ck outta here." - a direct quote from Kev Kelly about the inspiration for "Faster", his latest single release. The song chronicles a relationship, metaphorically compared to a Bonnie and Clyde style heist, getaway. Clearly a toxic relationship, Kelly describes the feeling of being an accomplice to the disaster, being metaphorically held by gunpoint in the situation, feeling emotionally forced to press on, together. As his quote expresses, it's easy to call your significant-other a "PIC", but what happens when the shit actually hits the fan? How do the feelings change? How solid is your relationship then? The song poses the question, whether to go down with ship, go down for the ship, or jump ship. When love is destructive and toxic, what can you really do?

Dynamic production, a dreamy synthetic melody, gritty lyrics and stellar vocal performance make "Faster" a perfect Alt/Pop jam. Fun and personal, the track is 100% relatable and listenable, no matter what genre you enjoy.

The up-and-coming artist, Kev Kelly, is a singer/songwriter who has created a unique and special sound both on stage and on record. His music shows variety and versatility as both a creative writer and talented performer. A unique perspective in his music stems from writing from personal experiences and gives listeners the opportunity to relate to his songs, in their own different ways. Kev Kelly began his musical adventure at the ripe young age of 4 years old, when he learned piano, and has been following that road ever since. His influences range from Frank Ocean and John Legend to Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, a fact that is evident in his versatility as an artist.

Continuing the "PIC" theme, Kelly created an official video for his single, "Faster" with brother duo, Pat and Nick Demarais, directed and shot mostly in Malibu, CA. The video follows a couple on their getaway after a robbery, with beautiful scenic shots and playful scenes in their convertible BMW.

Also, check out the Visualizer, for "Faster", here:

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