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KG Lillian Shows a Lighter Side on New Single ’19’

Though I have been following singer/songwriter KG Lillian since she launched in 2018, her latest tune, “19”, is without a doubt my favorite from her so far.  Though I have fallen in love with her indie vibes, clean acoustic stylings and emotive vocals, her latest offering sees the talented young artist switching gears and lightening the mood With a bright and bubbly side I had not yet seen.  

With rhythmic guitar, rich pads and smooth keys setting the mood, KG Lillian delivers a fun and uplifting performance as she reflects back on a year that turned out to be a major turning point for her, 19.  About the tune, KG says, “19 follows a young summer fling that caused afternoons of daydreaming and late nights of over-analysis, eventually lending a hand to the discovery of my self worth. With breezy electric guitar and honest lyrics representing the freshly gained confidence I began to find at 19 years old, this track is an ode to my coming of age story.

With a budding catalog taking shape, KG Lillian is finding her stride penning honest, relatable and thought provoking tunes for the masses.  From her breathy, seductive, dynamic vocals to her impressive melodies and introspective lyrics, the multi-talented artist is without a doubt primed to make some waves.  Make sure you check this one out and dig a bit deeper into her past releases.  It will be worth it. 

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