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kicklighter Release Debut Album, "Isn’t This so Fun"

Hailing from Woodbine, Georgia, buzzing Alt-Rock band kicklighter are riding high coming off of the recent release of their 10-track, debut album, “Isn’t This so Fun.” While sometimes it takes time for a band to really find their chemistry, kicklighter have been bonding since birth. Comprised of brothers Baxter, Hunter, and Asher, it doesn’t take more than a listen to hear how deeply connected these band mates/brothers are. Having launched the kicklighter project just last year, and with only a handful of singles previously released, the release of their debut album has to make you think - these guys aren’t fucking around.

Beyond the overall quality, coherence and execution of the project as a whole, for kicklighter, this album serves as reminder of the past as they flip the page and move onto the next chapter. Recorded in their childhood home, tucked beneath the production, hidden within the lyrics and poking out from behind the high-energy performances, lies years of memories, lots of nostalgia and plenty of personal reminders of the pain of the past. About the record, kicklighter says, “We wrote the songs during a dark period and they were very therapeutic for us in that time of uncertainty.

Produced by Aaron Gillespie of Underoath/Paramore, whom they had met while sharing the stage at a gig in Jacksonville, Florida, “Isn’t This so Fun,” is a dynamic and impressive body of work that with undoubtedly help prove what these three brothers are made of. When asked about the albums inspiration, kicklighter share, “It is a record focusing on dealing with loss and processing through that; starting with anger in the first song and by the final track, an air of hopefulness amidst the confusion.

What I love most about this release is the vast and varying vibes kicklighter are able to create and deliver with flawless precision. Seeing how subjective music can be, I honestly feel like this album has something for everyone. From gritty, driving, angsty opener, “Raincoat,” to upbeat, shimmering, windows-down, mood-booster, “Pavement,” to stripped down, hit-your-heart, tear jerker, “Two Setting Suns,” from front to back, “Isn’t This so Fun,” is a brilliant display of the human soul, triggering nearly every universal emotion along the way.

From a technical standpoint, it is hard to deny the overall execution at every level on each and every song. Dynamic productions, slick arrangements, crisps mixes, tight masters and memorable performances remain throughout the album, helping to show off the groups ability to craft high-quality records that stand strong right up against the big dawgs. From the first song to the last, kicklighter make it clear that they know who they are, are fully-confident in their abilities and have what it takes to make some major waves in the indie world.

While you may not have heard of them before, do yourself a favor and tune in to kicklighter today. Give their debut album a spin and I’m almost certain you will be coming back for more. Don’t take me word for it, but feel free to circle back and tell me I was wrong after you listen. I dare you.

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