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Both Kid Smoko and Mia Gladstone, hail from Maplewood, NJ, but Come With Me is their first collaboration together. Described as an electronic bounce with indie groove, Come With Me is a love song from both perspectives. Mia serenades with a captivating sensual vocal performance and The band delivers hard to resist melodies and a song you find yourself playing on repeat. Come With Me just has a way of capturing your attention and holding it, tightly. Groovy bass line and drum tracks work in perfect harmony with the use of out-of the-box electronic tones and a snappy guitar riff, to make the neck bend repeatedly to the beat.

Kid Smoko writes, records, produces, mixes, and masters all of their own music, at an extremely high level. Pumping out studio quality tunes that are anything but basic and cookie cutter, the Jersey crew are seriously doing their thing. The music is fresh and fun and genre bending, to say the least. Listening to tracks from Kid Smoko, it’s easy to identify styles from an extremely wide variety of genres. The inspiration for Kid Smoko is as eclectic as their sound, with artists such as, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Gorillaz, Joji, Playboi Carti, Brockhampton, and Odd Future.

Listen to more music from Kid Smoko, here:

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