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KIIRA Makes Her Debut Alongside Noah North with ‘Last Time’

20 year old Swiss-American songwriter and vocalist KIIRA just came out the gate with a stellar debut single, “Last Time, featuring up and coming Austin MC Noah North.

The Paris born, Zurich raised artist, now based in LA created the tune alongside three time Grammy winner super-producer Justin Trugman.  After meeting up to work on what was supposed to be a quick studio project, the two quickly connected and decided to continue to create.  The new single, co-written with Naomi Wild (songwriter and touring vocalist for ODESZA), showcases not only KIIRA‘s clean and dynamic vocal abilities, but also her Pop sensibility.  

About the tune, KIIRA says, “This song means so much to me because of how I relate with it on a personal level. I recorded it in July and was going through some things, just trying to figure myself out and also cute ties with people who were bringing negative energy around. The title came from the theme of it’s the last time that I will let people take advantage of me, hurt and betray my trust.

With the production finding a beautiful balance between Urban rhythms and Future Bass stylings, the stage is instantly set for KIIRA to shine.  The addition of Noah North adds yet another layer to the fold, dropping a slick verse reminiscent of G Eazy and/or Macklemore all wrapped up in one.  The tune portrays the message of protecting one’s heart and finding redemption in a tumultuous relationship.

All in all you can hear the experience, professionalism and expertise from everyone involved, coming together to create a solid first release for KIIRA.

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