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Kila G Announces Spiritual Musical Journey with Upcoming "Moving Away" EP with Paradise Sound System

Renowned R&B visionary Kila G is about to embark on a transformative journey with the release of his much-anticipated EP, "Moving Away." Dropping Today, the 6th of October this collection stands as a testament to Kila G's extraordinary musical talent and his profound connection with the human spirit and life itself. Released under Berlin-based record label Paradise Sound System, known for nurturing groundbreaking artists, this EP promises a deeply immersive experience.

Featuring six mesmerizing tracks, "Moving Away" opens with the ethereal "Away Prayer," a collaboration with soulful vocalist Scintilla, guiding listeners into a world of emotions meant to be felt. Kila G seamlessly incorporates natural sounds and human samples, creating an ambiance that resonates with the soul, leading to the heartfelt melodies of "Darlin," "The Thato Song," and the transformative "Higher." These tracks showcase Kila G's exceptional ability to blend his vocals and natural sounds, breathing life into every note. "Ndavuka" and "Bayavuma" further enrich the EP, reflecting Kila G's personal journey of connecting with ancestors and the future generations to come.

More than just music, "Moving Away" is a spiritual revelation encapsulating Kila G's experiences of love, loss, and self-discovery. According to Kila G, the EP reflects his journey of moving away from home to create his own, intertwining challenges and triumphs, love, loss, and divine protection. This EP transcends trends; it's about crafting a timeless sound. Kila G states: "We want this sound to live forever. One day, people will sample these sounds, and that is the purpose."

Prepare for an unforgettable auditory experience as Kila G's "Moving Away" EP is set to captivate hearts and souls on October 6th. As Kila G aptly puts it, "This EP is more than music; it's a legacy, a timeless creation that I hope will resonate with souls across generations."

Listen to the track on your favorite store using the Fanlink: Here

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