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King Holiday Hit Us With New Music

King Holiday has just hit their fans with a stellar new release.

The Astro-Soul group from NYC, well known for their tantalizing live shows and original music have just released a new single, “Concrete & Bricks”, via legendary NYC label, Tommy Boy Entertainment.

The new release is strong on all fronts, from the snazzy all-live production, to the catchy, high-energy vocals; the final recording does a great job of demonstrating what you might hear if you were front and center at one of their live shows.

The group, lead by Leslie Kujo DuMouchel consists of 7 members: Leslie Kujo DuMouchel (lead vocals), Cinque Kemp (drums), Andrew Friedman (bass), Ben Lieberman (guitar), Chesney Polis (backing vocals), Jason Disu (trombone), and Noah Dreiblatt (saxophone). All incredible musicians in their own right, each member brings a personal flare to make the King Holiday light shine that much brighter.

Check out the single and make sure you check out the official live video below to get an idea of how they rock for a fan in the crowd.

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