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KINGS Brings On A Dark Edge With “how to kill me”

Relationships, romantic or platonic, have the potential to leave you feeling used and bruised beyond repair with lingering flesh wounds that can easily be reopened if someone were to use your weaknesses against you. This is the centralized idea behind KINGS’ new single “how to kill me;” a dark pop tune that cuts deep like a cold knife to the back.

The tune filters a melancholic atmosphere that’s bold while also showcasing a darker side of KINGS. There’s a heavy kick drum that has weight to each hit, almost like a punch to the stomach, while a monotone drone fills in gaps that sink like a pit in your stomach. The storytelling describes a significant other that was the devil disguised as an angel. Taking the time to “[ask] all the right things” and “[cut her] open” so they could be trusted with her thoughts and feelings. Little did she know, this was a plot to use her and, ultimately, insinuate her demise.

This tune is a lot different from her upbeat electro-pop banger “ur a good bye,” which found a glimmer of good in the goodbyes with those who have done you wrong. In regards to this tune, KINGS shares:

“I wrote ‘how to kill me’ to open my listeners up to the darker side of what being used by someone sounds and feels like.

KINGS lives a life split between singing and songwriting in Nashville, working with content creators in LA, and navigating her rise to TikTok fame [5M+followers]. Yet, her goal remains the same – revolving around relationships, heartbreak, and girl power, her music is meant to inspire and empower others.

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