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KINGS Finds The Good In Goodbye With “ur a good bye”

Sometimes things like breakups or betrayals hurt more in the moment, but you eventually find the grass to truly be greener on the other side. Nashville-based artist KINGS revels in this hurt and sees the positive of her heartbreak on her fourth single ever “ur a good bye.”

With clean production and stellar vocals, “ur a good bye” is the pinnacle of an electro pop tune. There’s an electric guitar riff that lays down a steady drive and accents the melody, while the drum machine beat provides a nice layer of energy and impact to the chorus. KINGS’ vocals glide over the swirling synths and impactful beat, showcasing her smooth timbre and catchy top line. The structure of the pre chorus reinforces the hard-hitting message she’s conveying as the melody and production converge to drive the honest lyrics right into your core: “It was hard to love you, hard to lose you / Hard to leave, I didn’t choose to.” This song brings a 20/20 perspective to the aftermath of an emotional unfortunate event, and though the pain takes a while to go away, there is always a glimmer of good in those goodbyes.

Born in a small town in North Carolina, KINGS threw herself into the arts at a young age, playing piano, singing, and studying dance. By age 15, her parents were driving her to and from Nashville every month to work on her music career, and by senior year of high school, she moved to Nashville permanently. Her 4th-ever track, “ur a good bye” is the first song to see a release via KINGS’ new collaboration with Snafu Records.

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