• Nicholas Zallo

KOLIDESCOPES Drop Uplifting Dance Pop Smash ‘Focus’

Coming together as KOLIDESCOPES, AUS based Johnny Castro and UK based Dan Dare have been on a roll since first joining forces.  While both parties had achieved some major success individually and as part of other outfits, their collaborative project seems like the perfect fit and tastemakers are taking notice.

Last year, KOLIDESCOPES unleashed their undeniable single, “All My Love“, which quickly shot up the Upfront Club Chart, peeking at #6 and helped to cement the dance duo as an artist(s) to watch.  Now following up on this years lead single, “Want It“, the boys are back with a brilliant new Dance Pop tune, titled, “Focus“.

This will without a doubt be a go to in my personal playlists.   I suggest you give it a listen + an add.

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘No One’s Watching’ playlist on Spotify!

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