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KRYSTOF releases new Alt-Pop song "Radio"

Singer/songwriter, KRYSTOF, has released a new single. a break up anthem called Radio. Following the heels of his previous single release, called One Of The Few Things (I'm Sure Of) , his new track chronicles a new part of the same relationship. Based on the name of the preceding track, KRYSTOF was pretty confident that his late relationship was a "sure thing". Like anything else, in life, it is difficult to let go of things that you were once certain of. Radio is a plea, just a man reaching out to a woman, one last time, trying to impress his true feelings upon her, before finally respecting her wishes and leaving her alone. "I've been lying, when I said i'm fine... but i need you now, can't let you go" are just some lyrics, from the track, that prove the difficulty that the young artist was having, walking away from this one. Although his love wants her space, KRYSTOF can still rely on the Radio, to play his song and carry his emotion, reminding his beau of their former glory.

Radio is a typical, Top-40 style, Alt/Pop song with a unique style. KRYSTOF delivers lyrics with a smooth and sultry under-phrased vocal performance that is paired with a well-produced musical arrangement. A snappy drum track, electric-guitar riff, and soaring synthetic piano tones give the track an epic/anthemic feeling, while the vocal performance keeps the song grounded and vulnerable. The tune pushes the edge of a banger but holds back and delivers a jam, utterly perfect for throwing on your headphones and falling asleep to your thoughts.

19 years old and based out of Carinthia in Austria, KRYSTOF has been singing since he was five-years-old. The young musician has been singing made up songs in his mind and pretending that he was holding concerts, since his kindergarten days. KRYSTOF's mother, a professional folk-singer, helped keep him immersed in music from a young age. Teaching himself guitar, KRYSTOF had written his first song by the age of 14. He has been perfecting his craft, ever since, even taking vocal lessons as recently as 2020.

Discovered on Instagram by A&R manager Jazz Egger, KRYSTOF signed to Global Rockstar, a Viennese record label. His official debut release Know Myself is a collaboration with the Austrian music producer, MOSS, who became known with his track "No Remedy" featuring Eurovision Songcontest's ZOË.

Listen to more like KRYSTOF here:

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