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Kwasi & HFNR are at it Again with ‘Lies’

If you aren’t yet familiar with AUS based Hip Hop duo Kwasi & HFNR, you better make sure to start keeping tabs.  Although they have been grinding for a minute and have had some major successes already, it wasn’t until recently that they were picked up by WVS.  Joining a buzzing roster of stellar artists on the indie label has only helped to further their trajectory.

With HFNR handling things on the production tip and Kwasi delivering the vocals, it doesn’t take much for you to hear the undeniable chemistry between the two.  On their latest tune, “Lies”, a guitar driven melodic production (that still slaps) grooves along while Kwasi delivers catchy as hell vocals.  The new tune follows up on their last WVS release, “Downtown”, and sees the duo further exploring the Afrobeat sound that their fans seem to love.

Touching on the lyrics, Kwasi says, “I think we are all searching for real connections with other people but we live in an era where it’s so easy to lie and be fake. As I maneuver through the music world, relationships and life in general it gets harder and harder to avoid the BS. This is just me relieving those stresses and looking for a shawty to escape with. I wanted to create something vibey but with an emotional undertone. Something you can switch off and dance to but if you actually tune into the lyrics there’s still something there for you. Emotional party music to thrash dem woes away.

While the track may be touching on some deeper meaning, it is all cloaked in a layer of summertime vibes.  The bright production has just enough grit to make it hit while focusing more on the melody and overall feel.  HFNR says, “Producing this track was a really cool process. We were listening to a heap of old Nirvana records early last year when we created the first incarnation of the track. It was super dark and grungy, completely different vibe to the final song. When we revisited it a few months later I ended up flipping it on it’s head entirely and giving it an dancehall/afrobeat vibe. The chorus got recorded during our trip to LA and to finish things off I added in the guitar riff that’s played throughout. I’m really excited to put out a song that features myself playing a live instrument. It’s easy to get carried away with all the electronic sounds you can create today so I think adding in something real always gives a song that extra dimension that’s sometimes missing.

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