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  • Al Stephens

L.A. electro-shoegaze artist belabela drops posthumous single "Blood" leaving a poignant legacy

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

In memory of belabela, aka Bella Isabelle Catherine Jhun, who left us unexpectedly on July 5th. She leaves behind the carnal single, "Blood." This mesmerizing songs transports us into gothic realms, where dark denizens dance under the watchful gaze of street lights and stars.

"Blood" enthralls from the start. 808s reverberate through your body as the chorus beckons us to nocturnal adventures. It weaves a tapestry of visceral sensuality with its pulsating bassline and alluring vocals, enveloping us in belabela's sanguine embrace.

Though she now walks with the angels, her music lives on, a final gift she continues to bestow upon us with each passing full moon, speaking to our souls through her beloved creations.

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