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L E A is Here to Help Us Stop Taking Ourselves So Seriously.

For some feel good fun this week, turn on L E A‘s new record “Get Over Yourself“, a light-hearted pop jam. Like so many of us, trapped at home, she shares this is one as a, “Quarantine anthem with the repetitive words “Get over yourself” cause who else doesn’t want this sh!t to end! For real though, ever get uninvited to a party? It isn’t necessary.

We could all use a little easiness right now and L E A delivers just that.  With an edgy yet bubbly beat, L E A allows the production to hit while delivering a dynamic and sassy performance that we can not get enough of.  With a number of stellar releases over the last few years, L E A is continuing to push her sound to new heights.

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#GetOverYourself #LEA

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