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LA-Based Duo Mermaid Unveil Debut Album "Iridescence"

Mermaid's journey since meeting while working together on the Chicago production of Hamilton has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Taking their bond from the stage to the studio in LA, Mermaid is now se to release their debut LP, and it serves is a testament to their talent. The recognition they've received so far, including being handpicked by Brittany Howard for NPR's Tiny Desk Top Shelf contest, is well-deserved, and their new album, "Iridescence," is the culmination of years of friendship and hard work and will undoubtedly only add further to the duo's steady growth and success. The album reflects their individual achievements since their move to Los Angeles while also proving that collectively, there is very little that can slow them down. Brittany Campbell's T.V and film sync successes, coupled with Candace Quarrels' impressive performance history, including her role in Hamilton help to further highlight the duo's impact and influence throughout the industry.

Mermaid's debut album, "Iridescence," is a kaleidoscopic journey through the many colors of the human experience and the multifaceted spectrum of love. Executive produced by Brittany Campbell, who has worked alongside heavyweights like Baby Tate, Billy Porter, and Justin Tranter, this 13-track masterpiece showcases the undeniable chemistry between both vocal powerhouses, shining brighter on each track and captivating listeners from beginning to end. Lead single, "Boundaries," which was released prior to the album, perfectly sets the tone for the project and has already racked up over 25k streams on Spotify alone. Throughout the album, the duo effortlessly blends Soul and R&B with a heady mix of Alt-Rock, Jazz, Punk, Pop, and even hints of Metal, creating a sound that defies traditional genre boundaries. Mermaid's ability to seamlessly navigate through these diverse sonic landscapes speaks to their musical versatility and innovation.

Additional singles, "Dreamer," "Purr," "On A Cloud," and "Button Eyes," only helped to further build the hype for the albums release, leaving fans waiting patiently for more. Each track tells a unique story, drawing listeners into their world, while the duos ever-present chemistry both musically and personally is felt at every level. From the arrangements to the lyrics and harmonies, with one listen, it is easy to hear that these two feel like two peas in a pod. "Iridescence" also features special guest saxophonist Braxton Cook, whose contributions add a layer of sophistication and depth to the already rich musical tapestry. Co-producer Sam Hoffman, known for his work with Mereba and Durand Bernarr, collaborates seamlessly with Mermaid, ensuring that every note is perfectly placed. What makes, "Iridescence," truly special is the genuine love that Brittany and Candace have for each other and for their art, a sentiment that permeates through every lyric and melody.

"Iridescence," is a triumph debut for Mermaid, a celebration of their artistic vision, and an invitation to embrace the diverse hues of the human experience. Carving out a lane of their own thanks to their willingness to take risks, their soulful harmonies, and the genuine love that binds its creators, this album establishes Mermaid as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Get ready to be immersed in the enchanting world of "Iridescence."

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