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La+ch Keeps the Pressure on with ‘Love’

After racking up over 30M plays in 2016, music producer & multi-instrumentalist La+ch has recently released his latest single, “Love“, and it is as interesting as it is smooth.  Serving as the second single from his upcoming sophomore release, “NONE“, his latest tune is the perfect blend of Pop and Electronic.

What I love most about this release is the dynamics he is able to create with the vocals.  With different parts in different styles, tones and pitches the vocals are both intriguing and playful.  A chill, bright downtempo production chugs along while the vocals work off of each other to create and original sound and vibe.

Seeing as the Toronto based artist has already been nominated for a Juno award and continues to see his streaming numbers grow, I have no doubt he will be able to continue his rise.  Aside from his own projects he is also producing the upcoming projects for fellow Sideways members, Coleman Hell and Shan Vincent de Paul.

Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on La+ch.

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