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Ladybyrd Drops Debut Single "Too Close to Call"

We are thrilled to introduce young pop artist Ladybyrd with her rockin debut single "Too Close to Call". The fictional story tells a tale of a secret relationship -- written from the perspective of Ladybyrd, she tries to come to terms with the complexity of the situation. Trying to find a balance between what's realistic and what is not, she's still finding herself infatuated with her secret lover. Melodically, the track delivers an incredibly laid back vibe while also catching notes of mainstream pop and singer-songwriter driven chords. While she tends to draw on classical coming of age emotions, the bigger influence that drives her passion for music is her fascination with literature and film. Taking her experiences into account, she always writes from the perspective of a character and hopes that listeners can place themselves in the characters shoes while they're taken on a fictional journey from one emotion to the next.

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