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LANKS teams up with Jantine Heij and Tentendo on Atmospheric new track: “Cold Blood”

Brooklyn-based, Australian-born artist LANKS combines with Dutch songwriter Jantine Heij and fellow Australian producer Tentendo on his latest single “Cold Blood”. Coming off a busy year, with the release of his sophomore album SPIRITS PT.1, LANKS is back with a more atmospheric sound with this indie-pop single. The falsetto-heavy tune begins with an undeniable indie sound, later developing into a powerful and lush soundscape that borders on the line of experimental, utilizing both electronic and acoustic instruments as well as a multitude of layered vocal chops. This growth and development within “Cold Blood” is part of the reason why it is so successful in drawing the listener in and inducing emotion. Furthermore, the overarching high quality sound of “Cold Blood” can no doubt be attributed to the seamless collaboration between the three writer/producers. LANKS has noted that the very first time meeting both Jantine Heij and Tentendo was when “Cold Blood” was created, and as he states “This session flowed so naturally, as if we’d all known each other for years.” 

Having already garnered sufficient attention from international media and editorials, the Brooklyn based aussie is destined to have a huge 2021. Although his sound and style are both unique, his music is very accessible to even the most generic pop-listener. This can largely be attributed to his very personal seeming vocal tone. On “Cold Blood”, LANKS’ falsetto voice is right there in your ear, talking to you. When he sings “In a touch I gave you all I could, in my heart I’m just as scared as you”, LANKS is no longer an artist recently discovered but rather a friend, a confidant, someone you can trust. In short, LANKS is unbelievably likeable and every stylistic choice on “Cold Blood” works in his favor. Lush, atmospheric, warm, calming, LANKS is certainly an artist to lookout for to have a breakout year.

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