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Latest Release, ‘Sophie’ From Nick Sadler’s New Indie/PopMusical Project- Palmboy

‘Sophie’ is the latest single release from Palmboy, the solo musical project of writer/producer Nick Sadler, a Florida transplant living here in NYC. Nick has produced songs for artists, the likes of Mothica, Lenii, and Baby FuzZ, to name a few. Taking his influence from multiple genres such as Hip-Hop, Grunge, and even Alt/Indie, the producer has helped craft some unique sounds for many artists. With Palmboy, Sadler has made the decision to focus on a musical project, all–his–own. The talented writer/producer uses his new project to help sort through feelings of heartbreak, general life-fuckery, and constant introspection, while doubling as an Indie–Pop artist.

“‘Sophie’ is an endless metaphor that anybody can relate to. She takes, takes, takes, and leaves you with nothing but regret. A catchy pop-hook doesn’t hurt either”.– says Palmboy, of the new single. Truth be-told, relatable it is. A tale as old as time, about a guy wasting time pining over a girl, that really only needs him to fill the spaces between her own life. We don’t know if ‘Sophie’ is a real person based on the lyrics, but if so, shame on her! Sadler has put forth a solid single with a stripped down, tele–twang, electric guitar riff, some bass funk, and standard rock drums. Smart lyrics and a well-produced vocal tone round out the ensemble for an Alternative hit, worthy of the radio waves, co-produced with Jack Laboz and co-written with Lauren Frawley. With lyrics like, “Sophie only calls me when she’s lonely, cryin’ bout some guy that she doesn’t even like, but when she’s out with other friends then she don’t know me… she been acting funny, think I should take the money and run.”, paint a perfect picture of THAT girl, we have all known. She uses and abuses, until the guy she’s got wrapped around her finger, smartens up and hits the road with all he will ever have gotten from her… good times! That hook catches you and reels you in, time and time again, throughout the song. Just like Sophie, herself.

Listen to more music from Palmboy, here:

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