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Laura Brino puts her pain into words with new 'Cactus Moon' LP

With her new album Cactus Moon, singer-songwriter Laura Brino introduces her latest labor of love to the world. Through the album, we follow a mother's journey as she goes through the various stages of growing up, experiencing all the difficulties and hurdles life throws at her. By breaking generations of trauma, the album aims to heal universal wounds.


Over the course of two years, Laura Brino wrote and recorded songs on her iPhone while putting her children to bed. As a result of these two years, 40 songs were written, which came together to form Cactus Moon.

A self-described "mom-pop" artist, Laura Brino's music blends pop sensibilities with quick witted refrains and authentic storytelling.

Possibly the best example of this is lead single "Butterfly", a breezy slice of folk-pop in which Laura Brino discusses the importance of rediscovering one's identity after a lengthy relationship. As one transitions into their authentic self and follows their true path, the song symbolically represents finding happiness. Introspective, clever, and well-developed lyrics are accompanied by an instrumental backdrop and expressive vocals.

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