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Lauren Sanderson Continues to Dominate 2020 with ‘Frustrated’ [VIDEO]

Every so often you come across an artist who brings something so original to the table that you can’t even begin to compare them. As is the case with Lauren Sanderson, since she has come onto my radar, I can not help but be completely impressed in literally every way.

From her unapologetic writing style, to her dynamic vocals and her uncanny ability to switch vibes and nail it every time, Lauren Sanderson is in a lane of her own and continues to seem untouchable. Having launched her solo career independently in 2015, she has continued to develop her sound and has since found her way into mainstream consciousness. With a die-hard, homegrown fanbase hanging on to every note and flocks of new followers hopping on the bandwagon everyday, there is no doubt that Lauren Sanderson has found a way to connect.

Having dropped her debut album earlier this year, the overwhelming support since has only helped to fuel the fire and she has since unleashed a number of new singles throughout the year. Her latest tune, “Frustrated“, is a vibey, energetic tune laden with 80’s inspired soundscapes and topped with her always impeccable vocals. As always, she has released another jam, that I’m sure no one saw coming. Continually finding ways to surprise the world with new sounds, “Frustrated“, feels like something brand new but just as polished as ever.

About the single, Lauren says, “This song is about the stage of a relationship when you’re really getting to know each other and experiencing frustration from friends or family and yourself. It’s about acknowledging the faults that you might have whether you’re anxious and in your head too much, and the strain it might put on the relationship, but despite the struggles, you’re so in love that you can say screw it all, let those frustrations go and just want to runaway with the person. “I’m sorry you’re frustrated. I promise I frustrate me too.

if you haven’t yet checked out Lauren Sanderson, now’s the time. Tag a dive into her catalog and give her a follow on her socials – her persona is as enthralling as her music I promise.

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