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Lavish Life Release Shimmering Debut Single "Golden"

Individually, Pip and 2am have been making waves for the last several years, steadily building their solo catalogs while also lending their talents as producer/songwriters to an endless number of artists. Having become somewhat of a secret weapon for many, their technical prowess and ability to pen high-quality, memorable tunes has helped to solidify their reputation as hit-makers and the industry has understandably taken notice.

Having worked together for some time, Pip and 2am have now joined forces to launch new project Lavish Life. Aiming to take expand their repertoire and sound by creating a new batch of tunes with mass-appeal, Lavish Life are ready to turn some heads throughout the year and promise there is a whole lot more coming. Today, the new duo dropped their debut single, "Golden," and it is a smooth and seductive jam that perfectly sets the vibe for spring ahead. The self-produced single, written alongside trusted collaborators Ali Soomro and Emme O’Neill is a hypnotic bop that speaks to the type of never-wanna-let-you-go love.

An instant mood-booster and without a doubt a great track to kick off the project and show fans what they have in store, make sure you add, "Golden," to your playlists and make sure you send it over to your boo thang.

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