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Lead Gaming Company HIT COMMAND Partners With GRAVEDANCER To Represent EDM Roster In All Things Gami

Visit GRAVEDANCER Artist ‘Subtronics’ On Twitch Here

Red Light Management gaming subsidiary HIT COMMAND welcomes the electronic division of GRAVEDANCER, including Subtronics, Boogie T, HE$H, Dubloadz, amongst other artists. Successfully launching the official Twitch channels for GRAVEDANCER’s roster, popular dubstep DJ/producer Subtronics has acquired notable success, garnering an initial 12k views on his very first stream and 13k on his second. Injecting Subtronics into Twitch Stream Aid 2020, the growth throughout his partnership with HIT COMMAND has been remarkable. Subtronics has coined his channel “CyclopsArmyTV” and is now at over 26k followers after two weekly live-streamed DJ sets and two production tutorial live-streams. The diverse sound palate that Subtronics has to offer has attracted dedicated fans from around the globe. Now with most of the world inside, the launch of his official Twitch channel seems to be a logical step forward.

Spearheading GRAVEDANCER is founder/manager Eric Silver alongside day to day managers Elyse Young and Dylan Celli, as well as creative services/designer Veronica Mitrano and marketing/social media coordinator Meghan Huffman. Bringing their artists to a premiere management company in the music entertainment space today has proven fruitful and subsidiary HIT COMMAND has elevated their opportunities in creative and customized ways for today’s present climate. Next up, GRAVEDANCER will be launching artist Boogie T’s “DramaClubTV” channel with a live-stream DJ set as part of the Dance Music Gives Back Festival. Until then, you can tune into Subtronic’s official channels every week on Twitch and Youtube.

Subtronics – CyclopsArmyTV on Twitch

Tuesdays 6PM EDT – Production 101

Thursdays 6PM EDT – Demo Feedback

Saturdays 8PM EDT – Live DJ sets

Thursday 4.2 / Demo Listening & Feedback with Subtronics 

Subtronics reviews demos submitted by fans @ 6pm EST

Saturday 4.4 / Subtronics’ Throwback Dubstep Set 

Live DJ set from Subtronics’ home studio, 8pm EST

Follow Subtronics on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram today!

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