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Legendary R&B Artist JoJo Hailey Makes Dynamic Comeback With His First Ever Solo Release “Specia

Today is undoubtedly a ‘special’ day, as iconic R&B artist JoJo drops his first ever self-release as a solo artist with his single “Special”. To top it off, he is releasing “Special” under the umbrella of his own record label JT Entertainment. From the beloved ‘Jodeci’ to the renowned R&B duo K-Ci & JoJo, JoJo – now coined ‘JoJo Hailey’ has seen the industry through so many of its dramatic changes. All the while, he has kept the love and devotion from dedicated fans of his wildly successful early works. K-Ci & JoJo hits like “All My Life” off of the iconic album “Love Always” became hallmarks for the duo. That album was immediately certified gold and then three times platinum and “All My Life” itself peaked at #1 on multiple Billboard charts and was nominated for two Grammy awards. JoJo is no stranger to success; that said, it didn’t come without its pitfalls.

Through his struggles with industry conflicts and alcoholism, JoJo has had to hit the ‘pause’ button several times in order to reconnect with himself and his family. His comeback, at the top of a new decade nonetheless, is both celebratory and important as he hopes to open up about how the entertainment industry can negatively affect an artist’s mental health. JoJo has reclaimed his personal life and therefore, his professional one as he and his wife Tashaunda have decided to launch their own label, JT Entertainment. The launch is what pushed Jojo to start working on new projects and now, to release what will be his first solo debut album this year. Jojo wanted to start this label for the family. As a result, two of their daughters Kayla Tiffany and Sakoya Wynter along with his nephew Devin Hailey are scheduled to release new music in the spring of 2020.

The new single “Special” will undoubtedly be a hit this Valentines Day – the romantic track pays tribute to the special woman in JoJo’s life. With lyrics like “Just let me know you, just let me hold you for a minute / Cause I got that real good, girl you know you should come and let me hit it” – JoJo Hailey offers his special girl everything he can to let her know how irreplaceable she really is. JoJo is not shy about how good he has it, with lyrics to follow: “Everyday’s special, so thankful I met you. I’m not ever letting go” . The song delivers a refreshing blend of Pop and smooth R&B as JoJo’s positive presence lures viewers into the video, walking through a gorgeous candlelight-lit west coast home. The video ends with a beautiful woman following a path of rose petals to find her rose, and in this case…her man.

Quick to follow-up will be a remix to “Special” featuring Snoop Dogg. JoJo Hailey plans to release a string of singles leading up to his first solo debut album in 2020. The comeback is exciting and invigorating for JoJo – following several downward spirals with alcohol and health related issues, JoJo feels grateful for the chance to start fresh by putting his own music and his family first. His wife, Tashaunda aka Tiny has stood by his side for years of ups and downs; her involvement in JT Entertainment is truly something special. 

Be sure to follow JoJo Hailey on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter today.

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