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Not so shockingly, Sea Girls are back on our radar again. Following up their killer, Top 3 album from 2020, the boys have announced Homesick their highly anticipated new album release for January 14, 2022, along with the newest single release from that album, Sick. The new album as well as it’s first single release are an exercise in deliverance. It is a deeply personal album for the bands four members, Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson and Oli Khan. Sporting 13 songs with immense POP potential and a guitar driven sound, as well as, two Deluxe-Bonus tracks, the new album, Homesick, comes to uplift.

With songs originating from some dark-times in lead vocalists Henry Camamile’s life, each track is designed to portray relief and a sense of gratitude. Henry bares his whole soul with each guitar fueled ALT/POP tune, including the albums first release, Sick, the single which deals with his annoyance embodied in a rant about all the things that piss-him-off, in today’s world.

“It’s me in my bedroom at home ranting with my thoughts and going down the hole of being pissed–I am sick of everything – from things I used to love through to things that feel vacuous, like consuming and buying. All these emotions are piling up and it’s me just asking for a reset, a childish solution”. – says Camamile, of the track.

As described by Henry, Sick is a turning-point in the album. Although the lyrics may seem indulgent, in reality, Sick portrays the process of growing-up and a maturity that encompassed the band, throughout the creation of the album. The song ushered in a more broad perspective for the band and the process of writing it took Henry through an evolution of focusing on himself to caring for others, by the end of it’s creation. “I literally feel myself growing up throughout this song”. – says Camamile. Homesick was premiered by Arlo Parks as the ‘Hottest Record’ on BBC Radio 1 and debuted live on the band’s frenetic mainstage slot at Latitude Festival, the band drop the album’s first taste with the infectiously honest track.

Sea Girls are way finders and path builders, known for exciting high-energy shows and music, they are leading the way for Alt/POP holding a light high for the rest to see. Sick, takes a dark perspective of the world and delivers it in a bright, amped-up melody, with sing-a-long choruses and an overall optimistic tone. As usual, Sea Girls are a band to follow, whether you be a listener, or another Alt/POP band. These guys are doing it right!

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