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Lev Ponders Fight Or Flight With His Problems On “Drive”

It’s not often we get to run away from our problems; we’re always told we have to face them head on. But what if we picked out battles a little more methodically and let go of the ones that don’t serve us any lessons or purposes? Lev ponders on this sentiment with his hopeful tune “Drive” which is off his debut EP A Year Underwater.

Capturing the essence of freedom and liberation, “Drive” provides solace to escapism through it’s mellow production and thoughtful lyrics. The acoustic guitar line supports the driving rhythm of the tune while vocal stacks and percussive elements provide tasteful embellishments, accenting the song’s promising message. Lev’s lyrics breathe a whole other life into the song that exudes a confidence worthy of pushing all fears aside. His hauntingly honest words make you think twice and leave you reveling in his crafted lyricism when all is said and done.

“Drive” follows his first four singles, “Fighter,” “JON BELLION,” “Always the Rain,” and “When I Hurt You” and builds into his debut EP A Year Underwater. The body of work overall outlines soulful, guitar driven performances that culminate into an organic and lively modern pop sound that truly reflect Lev’s finest qualities as a songwriter.

Lev is a 25 year-old artist and songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA, now living in Los Angeles, whose current singles have garnered over 1 million streams in the last six months. He began singing and writing songs on guitar at the age of 16 before attending Berklee College of Music from 2016-2019. His influences include Jon Bellion, John Mayer, Joni Mitchell, and Kevin Garrett.

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