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Lexie Carroll Continues To Impress with New Single "violet"

This may be a bold statement... but there is no artist who has grabbed my attention more than Lexie Carroll over the last year. At just 18 years old, the London-based singer songwriter is poised to break the mold thanks to her haunting voice, poignant lyricism and quirky, girl-next-door energy. With only a handful of releases under her belt so far, Lexie Carroll has raked in millions of streams all the wile garnering an ever-growing gen Z fanbase with each new release. Catching the attention of tastemakers far and wide, it seems the industry as a whole is paying close attention to Lexie Carroll who has recently supported artists like Tom Odell, Maddie Zahm, Tommy Lefroy, Áine Deane and Wasia Project.

Still riding high from the success of her recent holiday tune, "christmas day," Lexie Carroll seems ready to kick things into high gear this year, blessing us today with the release of her new single, "violet." Making sure to maintain everything her fans have grown to love about her music, hew new release also shows a bit of an edgier/grittier side of her sound incorporating heavy drums, distorted guitars and an undying energy that just doesn't seem to let up. Written as a message of encouragement to a friend, "violet," is as sensitive as it is encouraging and feels as universal as it does specific. At one point or another, I feel we have all been in Violet's shoes and in this instance, it feels like Lexie is speaking directly to us, individually and yet all together at the same time.

About the song, Lexie says, "I wrote ‘violet’ because my friend was going through a difficult time and it was hard to get through to them. so in the song i’m just saying “hold on, i know your brain’s saying it won’t get better, but it will.

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