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Lexie Carroll Defines the Meaning of 'Home' in "If i built my home from paper"

Following the success of her recent EP "when the sun came up", prolific singer-songwriter Lexie Carroll is back with an emotional and endearing new track "If i built my home from paper". Paired with a creative visual, "If i built my home from paper" tugs at the heartstrings as she explores the themes of what it means to be 'at home' and how the tenderness and comfort of a relationship can make you feel like you're always there, as long as they are by your side. The lyrics portray vivid imagery that pairs perfectly with her animated visual, complete with a heart-on-sleeve storybook that makes listeners evaluate their own definition of what home means to them. Celestial strings, dynamic piano and gorgeous vocals create an inviting atmosphere perfect for your rainy day playlist.

"I wrote if I built my home from paper for my mum, but I think the song is applicable to any sort of relationship where someone can make the world feel safer and help to untangle some of the chaos with you. It's a very special thing to have, I feel very lucky and I hope everyone who listens has that person whether they're family or someone else." - Lexie Carroll

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